Trace Festival 2019.The Trace Encounters with Jewish Culture - Radom, 13th - 19th May 2019

May 13th (Monday)
- 12.00: On the margin  - discovering the footprints of Edward Kossoy - famous lawyer, writer and donor of Jacek Malczewski Museum in Radom (the walk starts in front of Resursa Obywatelska building at 16 Malczewskiego St.)
- 18.00: meeting with movie director Andrzej Sapija and presentation of his documentary movie Me, my Dad and our Jewish story about Edward Kossoy (Resursa Obywatelska Culture and Arts Center, 16 Malczewskiego St.)

May 14th (Tuesday)
- 12.00: Radom during the Holocaust in the eyes of a Dutch Jew – Jules Schelvis presentation by Filip Glowka from Jan Kochanowski High School (Resursa Obywatelska)
- 18.00: Retromeeting no. 17 - release of a book Balconies. Seven tales of Jewish Radom by Marcin Kepa. Author's meeting. The evening will be enhanced by the photos of Radom. Retrospekcja Facebook group members (Resursa Obywatelska)

May 15th (Wednesday)
- 12.00, 18.00: Good Movie Club - The Impure by Daniel Najenson – a film shown during the Jewish Motifs Intl. Film Festival (Resursa Obywatelska)

May 16th (Thursday)
- 12.00: Artistic passion – Edith Chomentowski's lecture about her father – painter David Garfinkiel - his life and artwork (Resursa Obywatelska)
- 17.30: Memory 28 750 - 185 - opening of Ireneusz Domanski's photo exhibition. Photographs shared by the State Archive in Radom (Resursa Obywatelska)
- 18.00: presentation of the History of Radom's Jews - Radom Humanistic Annual and a second edition of Beit Radom - with the participation of the book edition donors – Les Amis de Radom Society in Paris (Resursa Obywatelska)
- 19.00: Chojze – Seer of Lublin – Chassidic Jews' music performed by: Rabbi Symcha Keller (vocal, flute), Pawel Stepnik (classical guitar), Krzysztof Pachla (clarinet), Robert Brzozowski (double bass), Bartlomiej Stanczyk (accordion), Tomasz Kozdraj (drums), Marcin David Krol (violin) - (Resursa Obywatelska)

May 17th (Friday)
- 17.30: Girl from a diary – opening of Galicia Museum's exhibition, based on Ryfka Lipszyc's memoirs from ghetto in Lodz (Resursa Obywatelska )
- 18.00: I wish so much... - premiere of Resursa's Teatr Poszukiwan Youth Theatre – based on Ryfka Lipszyc and Anne Frank ghetto memoirs (Resursa Obywatelska)

May 18th (Saturday)
- 12.00: Walowa – story of a Jewish quarter -  the walk on The Trace Jewish Memory Trail with a special focus on the history and details of Walowa St. and its surroundings (meeting at the corner of Walowa and Zeromskiego St.)
- 16.00: Polish – Jewish mutual relations – chances and threats - panel discussion with the participation of Jakub Petelewicz (Polish Center for Holocaust Research), Idit Gil Ph.D. (The Open University of Israel), Tomasz Domanski Ph.D. (IPN – National Remembrance Institute). Event organized by Hilda Chazanovitz and Sharon Grosfeld (Resursa Obywatelska)
- 19.00: Birobidjan. The land where we were meant to be happy - author's meeting with Agata Maksimowska and presentation of her book. The event is a part of the Night of the Museums (Jacek Malczewski Museum, Rynek 11)

May 19th (Sunday)
- 13.00: Memory – official ceremony and presentation of newly discovered Jewish headstones with the participation of Piotr Puchta – President of the Foundation for the Preservation of Jewish Heritage in Poland, which is going to be an official host and organizer of the event (Jewish Cemetery, Towarowa St.)
- 17.00: Restoring the fragments of Jewish culture - panel discussion between current Radom residents and descendants involved in pre-War and post-War exploration of the Jewish history of our city. How sharing history and memory leads to a future of binding friendship (Resursa Obywatelska)
- 19:00: In the land of Vistula river – concert of Gerard Edery Trio: Gerard Edery (Jewish-Moroccan musician – vocal, guitar), Marcin David Krol (Polish - Jewish violinist from Radom Chamber Orchestra - violin), Sebastian Wypych (cello). The musicians will present mainly repertoire in Yiddish (Resursa Obywatelska)

Admission free for all of The Trace events.