Radom Humanistic Studies Year Book is issued by the Scientific Team for Radom Research and City Library in Radom. The 5th issue is published also by „Resursa Obywatelska” Culture and Arts Center. It is devoted totally to the presence and history of Jewish community in Radom and the whole region. It was released during the 11th edition of „The Trace” Encounters with Jewish Culture organized by „Resursa Obywatelska”. After a month since its publication in May 2019 the whole issue had been distributed. We have a small present for You. We encourage everyone interested to download the PDF version of this edition of Radom Humanistic Studies Year Book by clicking the book cover below. Titles, abstracts and author's bios are translated into English. The vast majority of the content is in Polish.

To contact the authors, please write us at: resursa.radom@wp.pl