The Centre for Culture and Art "Resursa Obywatelska" has been organising the "Trace" - Encounters with Jewish Culture every year since 2009. This important event, which takes place every April, has been given a symbolic title referring to just a few traces of Jewish culture left in our town.

This community of the interwar period, which constituted almost a third of the city’s population, perished during the Holocaust. The disappearance of the Jewish community meant the disappearance of multicultural and multidimensional Radom. That is why the purpose of the Encounters is to both restore the memory of those people and to present the broadly understood Jewish culture to the residents of Radom through historical meetings, exhibitions, films and concerts. And we still keep discovering new traces.

The Centre for Culture and Art "Resursa Obywatelska", the Municipal Cultural Institution, 16, Malczewskiego Street is the oldest cultural institution in Radom, which was established in the mid-nineteenth century. We popularise local traditions and history and focus on cultural and artistic education. We coordinate the Radom Jewish Memory Trail "Trace", we also responsible for the "Trace" project on the Internet. If you have any souvenirs, documents, photos of the Jewish community in Radom, please share them with us. We will show them on our website, we will listen to interesting accounts of Jewish life in Radom. If your family members came from Radom please help us to create virtual, private "Traces" describing places in Radom important for both individuals and families. Please contact Jakub Mitek (Polish, English).